Why choose SIPStation?


SMS (Text Messaging)

Manage e911 Settings Per DID from your PBX


T38 Inbound and Outbound faxing

No Obligation Monthly service or Savings Plans available - Your choice



Built-in Failover Service

Phone Number Based Failover (Per-DID)

You can configure a backup phone number for each of your phone numbers (or DIDs) so that if SIPStation cannot deliver the call to your PBX, it will check to see if you have configured a failover number for that DID and then redirect the call to use that number.  


Trunk Failover

By default, the SIPStation service automatically registers your phone system(s), or PBX(s), to two geographically separated Data Center locations.  

This structure allows SIPStation to provide the following robust failover options:

Global Failover

 Global Failover Number:  In the event that the customer has not configured any of the available failover options, and if SIPStation is unable to send you your calls from the Primary or Secondary SIPStation Datacenter locations, a Global Failover number can be configured to redirect calls to. 


Sharing Voice Services Across Locations

SIPStation allows you to share your Voice lines (or SIP Trunks) across multiple locations, using the built-in Trunk Group feature,  so that you don't have to pay for dedicated lines for each location when the traffic may vary across all your locations. 
This also allows you to move your phone numbers (or DIDs) across your locations from within the SIPStation Portal.

Below is a great infographic that describes the benefits of Trunk Groups:




Built-In Fraud Guard

Intuitive Portal Management

The SIPStation portal is the one place to:

End-to-End Solution 

Eliminate the finger pointing and "he said, she said" that can happen between the support teams of a phone system manufacturer and a dial tone provider. One support group to work with, no headaches.