Sangoma TDM SDK is a high level TDM API that supports full signalling and voice functions for rapid application development. 
It support all Sangoma PCI,PCIe cards and is designed to abstract all TDM signalling and protocols into a unified, OS abstracted SDK.
Sangoma TDM SDK operates in network tapping mode only, with full signaling stack support.

Sangoma TDM SDK is feature rich and very stable.  
The framework and protocol stacks used in the STS is the foundation of many Sangoma telco grade,  GA products. 
Sangoma PCI/PCIe TDM boards provide best ROI, with highest quality, lowest hw footprint, and highest TDM density in market.


Sangoma TDM SDK provides unified voice and signalling SDK with os abstraction.

SDK Tapping Mode


SDK TDM Termination Mode is not Supported

SDK for TDM Tapping


Supported Telephony Cards

Currently Sangoma TDM SDK can work with below Sangoma cards -

  1. A10x
  2. A116
  3. W400
  4. A200
  5. A400


Sangoma TDM SDK is provided freely AS IS without warranty and support.  You can purchase a support contract from Sangoma for this software.