Network settings are configured from the menu “Configuration -> IP Settings

This menu has 2  types  of interfaces: 


Signaling Interface

Signaling interfaces are used to carry SIP Signalling traffic.

ScenarioNetwork Config
SBC straddle two networkseth0 should have external IP address 
eth1 should have a local IP address
SBC behind a firewalleth0 should have local IP addreess 
eth1 will not be used


Media Interfaces

Media Interfaces are used to carry RTP traffic.
The Media/RTP IP addresses can be the same as SIP IP address.

Media interfaces are special DSP’s (Digital Signal Processor) which are accessible through any Ethernet network any of the signaling interfaces is attached to. These media interfaces are sometimes embedded within a Sangoma PCI card (ie D500, D100 devices) and sometimes are completely stand-alone processors that are just attached to the same network (D150).

Sangoma SBC support two Media modes: Hidden and Exposed

The recommended mode to use is Hidden


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