Before diving into detailed step by step configuration, this page will outline all mandatory configuration steps in order to properly configure your Sangoma SBC.

Sangoma SBC Config Steps


Network Planning

Network Configuration

Regardless of the type of SBC deployment you choose, you first must configure the signaling interfaces and media interface network information.

SBC Configuration Options


SBC General Configuration

Sangoma SBC does not have a limit on how many SIP Profiles can be created

Sangoma SBC runs Media RTP in custom Sangoma HW DSP. This allows Sangoma SBC to scale to thousands of RTP sessions without quality or capacity degradation.

Sangoma SBC support GUI call routing configuration as well as  A      dvancedXML          call routing configuration.

  SBC Security Configuration


The changes made in the Configuration section of the WebUI are only stored onethe scratch disk. 
User MUST proceed to Apply page in the Management Section to save new configuration

There are two ways to apply the configuration.