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A "ticket" is a conversation within our online support center. Each ticket has a unique ticket number. We request that you open a separate support ticket for each issue. Please do not list multiple issues within the same ticket.

You can view and reply to a ticket within our online support center, or by e-mail. If replying by e-mail, please be sure to keep the subject line intact so that your message reaches our ticketing system.

Difference between Support Credits and Support Contracts

Depending on the type of support you are looking for you may need to have a Support Contact and/or Support Credits in place for your organization or product.

Support Requirements

You must have a positive support credit balance and/or support contact in order to obtain Support on most products. Depending on your product you want support for the requirements can be different are outlined below.

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View an Existing Ticket

You will receive our replies to your ticket at the e-mail address you used to log into the support site. You can also view your tickets in the online support center:

Reply to a Ticket

You can reply by e-mail or by using the online support center. If you reply via e-mail, be sure to keep the subject line intact so that we receive your messages. You can also reply via the online support center:

  1. Navigate to your ticket as described above.
  2. Click the Add Reply button.

  3. Enter your Message, attach additional files if desired, and click the Send button.


View a Resolved (Closed) Ticket

Please avoid re-opening closed tickets unless your issue is unresolved and you need further assistance. If you reply to a closed ticket, the ticket will re-open. For new issues, please open a new ticket.