Can I run both OSS and Commercial EPM on the same box?

No, since both modules include different base configuration files that will get in each other's way and create a lot of problems.

What kind of support is included with this paid module?

Support included with EPM, just like any other commercial module, is for reporting a bug and us investigating and resolving the bug.  It does not include free support for setting up or using the module. In regards to EPM, support is not included for setting up your network or phones to retrieve configuration files that EPM has generated. FreePBX does offer paid support for items like this.

Web page with more information on options:

Wiki with instructions on purchasing support from the Portal:
How to Purchase Support Credits

Digium Phones

Do you use Digium's Smart BLF feature?

Yes as of we now support the Digium Phone Smart BLF feature. At this time we do not allow you to set different actions, but we have hard coded the following logic for a BLF button:

Do you use DPMA with Digium phones?

Not at this time. We have elected to NOT use DPMA (Digium Phone Module for Asterisk) to configure Digium phones.  Mainly because:


Aastra Phones

Can I use the Aastra XML scripts with EPM?

No. The Aastra XML scripts that were put out by Aastra were built to handle all their own configuration and write out their own configuration files at login time. EPM will interfere with this and create problems. If you want to use Phone Apps such as XML, please see our Rest Phone Apps module.