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Overview of Metered Services

Prepaid metered services include toll-free calling, international calling, outbound T.38 faxing, softcap bursting, and concurrency bursting. Payments for these services are made through our "Top Up" feature. Top Up is automatically enabled if you activate any of these metered services. Any new automated charges below the top-up amount, not including purchases from the store or your normal monthly service changes, will use the top-up balance. These charges may include porting and e911 fees.

When any metered service is switched "On," causing Top Up to be enabled for the first time, a Top Up charge of $25 will be placed into your "reserve account." Any per-minute usage fees will be deducted from this account until the account falls below its minimum balance (default is $5). When that happens, we will automatically charge your card the "Top Up" amount that you set with us. The default (and minimum) amount for a Top Up is $25, but you can increase this.  The amount for active calls are only deducted from your top up balance as the calls are completed.  This can cause the effect of exceeding your top up balance and going negative.  For example if you had 20 calls established all using Bursting mode and each of those calls lasted 30 minutes the charge for each call is not deducted from the Top Up until the call ends which would allow you to go below the Top Up dollar amount you have set.  Do not use Top Up as a fraud protection on your system.  You are responsible for all calls on your account.

For example, if you set a minimum balance of $5 and a Top Up amount of $50, we will charge you $50 as soon as your account balance decreases to $5. This will bring the funds in your reserve account back up to $55.

We only Top Up your account a maximum of twice per 24 hours. If your reserve account reaches $0, you will not be able to use any new metered services until more funds are added but existing calls will remain active. In order to avoid metered service interruptions, you'll want to set your Top Up amount high enough to cover your expected daily usage, at a minimum. We also recommend that you set the Top Up amount high enough to provide a "buffer" in case we ever run into problems charging your credit card. This would give you time to respond to any notifications we send you regarding failed charges, and correct the issue before your reserve account drops to $0.

Top Up charges will show up on your SIPStation statement at your next billing renewal date as payments on your account with a description of "ThresholdTopUps."

How to Manage Metered Services and Top Up Settings


Enabling/Disabling Top Up and Metered Services

Within the My Account / Account Configuration section, find Metered Services.


Please note: No refunds are issued for prepaid (metered) services. Please see our Refund Policy for details.

Changing Your Low Balance Threshold and Top Up Amount