To do a factory reset from ssh session or console port, you can follow these steps, following these steps will save your license and network setting:


  1. To ensure you have this file      sng-factory-reset-image.tgz,run the following command in ssh session or console:

     ls  /usr/local/nsc/archive/sng-factory-reset-image.tgz 
  2. Then run this command, it will change systemto factory setting and will keep your license:

    /bin/tar -xpsvzf /usr/local/nsc/archive/sng-factory-reset-image.tgz  -C / --exclude='usr/local/nsc/conf/license'
  3. To restore network infomration , run this command  

    /usr/local/nsc/hooks/ --mode=update
  4. Type in