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  • Diva System Release - Version 9.6LIN SU4 (final)
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Created:Thu Mar 2 16:07:28 GMT 2017
Uploaded:Tue Mar 7 16:43:16 GMT 2017


Support for the Linux distributions:Dialogic Diva System Release 9.6LIN SU4 is a maintenance release that brings support for new Linux distributions and newer Linux kernel versions. 

New features of 9.6LIN SU4 are:

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 7.2
    • Debian 7.x (Wheezy) and Debian 8.3 (Jessie)
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES) 12 SP2

Dialogic Diva System Release 9.6LIN SU3 is mainly a maintenance release that includes resolution to a number of field issues with previous versions of the Service Update. 

New features of 9.6LIN SU3 are:

  • Support for the Linux Kernel 3.10 
  • Included Diva SDK 5.5LIN SU 5 runtime libraries
  • Upgraded Dialogic DSI SS7 Software Development Package (DPK) to version 6.6.11

System Release 9.6LIN SU2 brings in core Software required for certain affected Dialogic Diva PCIe Media Boards, due to an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) replaced by a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).

System Release 9.6LIN and SU1 combined allow up to eight (8) Dialogic Diva Media Boards to be installed on a computer running the Linux operating system distributions SuSE, Red Hat, Debian or generic Linux distributions as 32 or 64 bit variant. It supports unified messaging, voice, speech, conferencing applications, RAS & RRAS (client and server mode), modem and fax as well as Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over IP (FoIP).

The features of System Release 9.6LIN and SU1 are:

  • Support for the latest Linux Kernel 3.2
  • New SIPcontrol version 2.1.5
  • New softIP version 2.4
  • DSP enhancements for G.722 (bit order and DTMF processing) and LPCM
  • DSP enhancements for short burst tone detection used by alarm equipment
  • Increased Fax stability for V-xPRI Boards
  • Included Diva SDK 5.5LIN SU 4 runtime libraries
  • New features for Asterisk (version 1.6 and 1.8) using chan_capi
  • Support for new HD Audio Codecs (G.722/ISDN, G.722.1) using the V-xPRI Media Boards.
  • Support for HD Audio IP Conferencing using the chan_capi command "resource" (see also readme.diva.HDAudio).
  • VIDI Interface for Analog Boards providing an increased performance.
  • A new WEB based Line Test tool
  • Improved Call Control statistics
    • Support of Abandoned calls statistics
    • Improved the WEB based Board Statistics view (Status->View Report)
  • Improved the tracing support for History trace, chan_capi trace, custom trace level
  • Support of new hardware
    • Dialogic Blue OneSpan-24/30-H-HL Telephony Board
    • Dialogic Blue TwoSpan-48/60-H-HL Telephony Board 
    • Dialogic Blue FourSpan-96/120-H-HL Telephony Board 
    • Dialogic Blue EightSpan-192/240-H-HL Telephony Board

    The new boards mentioned above are equipped with an echo canceller chip for VoIP applications like Asterisk and SIPcontrol. The protocol and media stack software (except echo cancellation) runs on the PC host; the maximal channel density depends on the PC host performance. The Blue-H Board types provide support for all international E1/T1 protocols as offered with E1/T1 Diva Media Boards.
    The media stack includes the features sRTP, RTP/RTCP, G.711 Codec (a/ulaw) including CNG and VAD, AGC for conferencing, G.168 Echo Canceller (128 ms echo tail per chip), anti jitter buffer, Line Interconnect (cross board switching and conferencing, Fax tone detection and DTMF detection, full duplex barge-in.
    Acronyms (based on the name syntax) are:
    • OneSpan, TwoSpan, FourSpan, EightSpan = Physical number of T1/E1 connectors
    • 24/30, 48/60, 96/120, 192/240 = Number of channels in T1/E1 mode
    • S, H = (S)oftware echo cancelation or (H)ardware echo cancelation
    • HL = Half Length PCIe form factor
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Support for Asterisk 1.8 and 1.6
    • Support of Asterisk Management Interface (AMI) enhancements
      • "CAPI ifcstate" command line support
        This command shows the Media Board physical layer status (Alarms, Layer 1/2 state, line errors)

      • "CAPI show channels" command line support
        This command shows the individual B-channel status (connection state, bearer protocol, Called/Calling Party Numbers)

      • "CAPI show resources" command line support
        This command shows the Media Board resources status (DTMF, Echo Canceller,Noise Suppressor, AGC and Gain)
    • Display the Board Device Unique ID (DUID) for SS7 in the Diva WEB GUI. An upload option for SS7 licenses is offered now via Diva WEB GUI
    • Supports Diva Media Boards including the Dialogic Blue OneSpan-24/30-S-LP Telephony Board
    • Echo canceller up to 256ms tail length for the Dialogic Diva V-xPRI Media Boards
    • Dialogic Diva V-xPRI Media Boards can be used as transcoding device in parallel to TDM access (e.g. Asterisk)
    • Interoperability with OCS 2007 R2 via SIPcontrol 2.1.4
    • Firmware support of Asymmetric Hold with SIPcontrol (send/receive only)
    • G.723.1 licensing for the Dialogic Diva V-xPRI Media Boards
    • Performance optimizations for the DMA based Media Streaming Interface
    • Optimized RTP latency for VoIP applications using Diva Media Boards
    • Enable access to TSC (Temporary Signaling Connection) for applications
    • Support of long CAPI Messages and full ISDN Segmented Message
    • Faster Busy Tone Detector using two cadences
    • Host based V.23 Modem for softIP (licensed via regular Voice licenses)
    • Increased channel density for softIP on 64 bit systems
    • Enabled SIP Header manipulation for softIP via Diva SDK
    • In addition to RFC2833 support DTMF per SIP-Info for softIP
    • Enhanced license options for combination of Fax licenses.
    • Enhanced modulation code to support Bell 103 SIA Modem
    • Interoperability against a Dialogic SS7 Signaling Interface Unit (SIU)
    • Dialogic Diva SIPcontrol
      • SIPcontrol is a feature rich software changing your Diva Board into a VoIP Gateway
    • Dialogic Diva softIP features in Resource Board Mode
      • When using Diva Media Boards with full DSPs, support of G.729, G.726/32, GSM, iLBC, G.711
      • Clear Channel Fax and Modem supported up to full speed of 33.6kbps (V.34)
      • NOTE: The use of G.729 requires the appropriate license from Dialogic
    • Dialogic DSI SS7
      • Provide high performance MTP2 on Diva Media Boards 
      • Run SS7 signaling and media processing on the same Diva Media Board
      • Supports up to 4 signaling links, up to 4 linksets
      • Supports Dialogic DSI SS7 interfaces
      • Supports CAPI, Diva SDK, TTY and Asterisk via chan_capi
    • chan_capi configuration wizard for Asterisk
      • Automatic generation of a capi.conf file per WEB GUI
      • Simplified usage of enhanced DSP features with Asterisk
      • Support of
        • 256 ms Echo Cancellation
        • Suppression of ambient noises
        • Automatic Gain Control
        • Digital Gain Control
        • Codec Support (Automatic Transcoding) incl. G.729, G.726/32, GSM, iLBC and G.711
        • Detection of MF digits and Dialing Pulses Rate conversion (control of recording and playback pitch/speed)
        • Detection of special tones and human talker interactive control of voice stream
        • Control voice stream while recording or playing back
        • Use any available channel command
        • Conferencing
        • Using proven Diva Media Board Q.SIG and SS7 implementation
        • Tone clamping
        • Automatic Gain Control (Rx, Tx)
        • Pitch Control (Rx, Tx) in combination with play/record funcionality on Asterisk 
        • MF Tone Detection, 
        • Pulse Dial Detection, 
        • Transmit SIT Tones, 
        • Detect SIT Tones, 
        • Voice Control 

        • DSP-based DTMF detection, 
        • DSP-based echo cancellation, 
        • Chat/Meet Me (Ad Hoc) Conferencing - (MOH).
        • Fax Send/Receive

Software modules contained in System Release 9.6LIN SU2

  • Dialogic Diva SIPcontrol 2.1 SU 5
  • Dialogic Diva softIP 2.4 offers CAPI, TTY, Diva API or Dialplan (chan_capi) based applications to interface with SIP peers.
  • Dialogic Diva softSS7 Software
  • Dialogic Diva Interfaces for support of Dialogic DSI SS7 Software

    For more information on software modules please refer to the documentation.


This is a released Product.


The Dialogic Diva System Release for Linux ("SR") is being provided to you free of charge. However, several of the underlying components of the SR are being licensed or otherwise provided to you under certain terms and conditions that are listed below and that you must accept prior to usage of any of the respective components.

Dialogic Diva softSS7

To operate or otherwise utilize the Diva softSS7 component of the SR, you must (a) purchase the applicable license from a Dialogic authorized distributor for your particular geographic region, and (b) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Dialogic license agreement(s) shipped with the Diva softSS7 component of the SR.

Dialogic Diva softIP

To operate or otherwise utilize the Diva softIP component of the SR, you must (a) purchase the applicable license from a Dialogic authorized distributor for your particular geographic region, and (b) agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Dialogic license agreement(s) shipped with the Diva softIP component of the SR.

Dialogic Diva SIPcontrol

The Diva SIPcontrol component of the SR is available to you at no cost for up to two (2) channel licenses. If more than two (2) channel licenses are required, license packs can be obtained by contacting a Dialogic authorized distributor for your particular geographic region, and which are subject to Dialogic's license agreement(s) shipped with the Diva SIPcontrol product license pack(s).

Dialogic SR Base Driver

The SR Base Driver component of the SR is available to you at no cost and is distributed, with the exception of the Diva® SDK, under the GNU General Public License (see The Diva SDK is property of Dialogic Corporation. Usage parameters for the Diva SDK are denoted in seperate licenses available at and that must be agreed to by you respectively prior to operating or otherwise utilizing the respective component.

For a complete list of Dialogic authorized distributors from which you can obtain the applicable license(s) for additional board features, Diva softSS7, Diva softIP and Diva SIPcontrol, please visit sangoma support or check with your local Sangoma sales representative.


This software comes in packages.

Select the appropriate download from the following list:

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