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In order to manage Vega gateways with FreePBX/PBXact Vega gateway module, we need to associate Vega gateways to the PBX.

We have below two ways of adding a Vega gateways to the PBX

Network Discovery

Network Scan

PBX Vega module main landing page has an option to perform "Network Discovery" of Vega gateways in customer provided subnet as described in below screenshot.

  • Network Scan → We need to provide "subnet" Vega gateway user and password details in order to connect to Vega gateways present in .
  • (Default username and password are admin and admin).

Vega Scan

Network scan might take a few minutes as it will try to fetch the information from each discovered Vega gateways.

Discovered Vega Listing 

Once network scanning is over,  the PBX Vega Module will display list of available gateways as described in below screenshot - 

From here , we can perform following two operations - 

1) Configure Vega Gateways -  We can proceed with configuration of Vega Gateways by selecting "Configure" action against each Vega gateway. Refer to "Configuration" section.

2) Firmware Upgrade  - We can upgrade the firmwares to selected Vega gateways by selecting "Upgrade firmware" action.  Refer to "Vega Firmware" section.

Manually Adding a Vega gateway to FreePBX or PBXact 

The Vega module main landing page has an option to perform "Add Vega" as described in below screenshot.

  • Enter in the details for "Vega IP", "Vega Login User" and "Vega Login Password" (The default User and Password is admin and admin)
  • Vega SSH port (default to 22). In case of NAT envionrment , this should be publicly exposed SSH Port.
  • Vega IP address type selection which could be LAN in case of local lan connectivity between Pbx and Vega Or External/Public if Pbx and Vega is getting exposed to public ip.
  • "Select "Discover"

The PBX Vega Gateway module will then automatically syncronize with the Vega Gateway described above and will display a screen, similar to the screenshot below: 

The Vega Gateway serial and model number is fetched from Vega Gateways

WIth the Vega Gateway now connected to FreePBX / PBXact, proceed with configuration of Vega gateway.
Refer to "Configuration" section.

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