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This wiki is for customers who would like to port phone numbers in to SIPStation from another service provider. If you are looking to port numbers out of SIPStation, please see our wiki "Porting Out from SIPStation."

You must have an open and active account at (with a minimum of 1 trunk purchased) to be able create a SIPStation Number Porting ticket and port-in a number via Your SIPStation account must be verified. Please see our Account Verification Requirements wiki for verification instructions.

Are you planning to port SIP numbers? If so, please be aware that many SIP providers utilize multiple carriers. All of the numbers in a single port request must belong to the same carrier. We recommend that you investigate the configuration of your account ahead of time. If you can group your numbers into separate port requests – one per carrier – we will be able to process your order more quickly and efficiently.

General Porting Tips:

  1. Keep your numbers active with the losing carrier until after the port.
    We are only able to port-in active numbers from your account with the losing carrier. If you have disconnected your service, we will not be able to port your number(s). Do not cancel service with your losing carrier until after we have advised you the port has completed. While you are waiting for the port, you must have an active SIPStation account. We understand it is an inconvenience to pay two phone bills, which is why we want your porting process to be as quick and easy as possible. Ensure the ported numbers are working properly with SIPStation before canceling service with the former provider.

  2. Determine the correct information that is on file with the losing carrier. Don't guess or use trial-and-error.
    All of the information you submit in the letter of authorization (LOA) must match what the losing carrier has on file. This includes the company name, service address, account number, authorized user, and service address. Please understand that the actual carrier may be a different entity from your service provider, such as with many VoIP numbers. Sometimes the service address is different from the billing address. Sometimes it is actually a corporate address of the service provider. An incorrect service address is the most common reason for rejected port requests. With local numbers, the service address must be a physical street address and not a P.O. Box. (With toll-free numbers, a P.O. Box is acceptable.) Please check with your service provider and/or obtain a copy of your Customer Service Record (CSR). Accuracy is important.
  3. Plan for up to four weeks of processing time.
    The typical timeframe for most ports to be completed is 1-3 weeks. Some numbers, such as Google Voice numbers, can be ported as quickly as 24 hours. The porting timeframe is controlled primarily by your existing carrier, and not much can be done from our side to move the process along any faster. You can help speed the process by providing accurate information. Any mismatch of data will cause a rejection and delay. Each time we need to change information and re-submit the port request, it causes an additional delay.
  4. Be ready for the port.
    If you make a port request, we assume you are ready to accept the ported numbers at any time. Although you can request to cancel a port, be aware that sometimes this is not possible, especially on short notice (less than 3 days). Any requests for us to move an already-assigned port date will only be honored on a "best effort" basis. You can manage your new DID(s) in your SIPStation account as soon as we confirm a port date. You will need to have your trunks and routes set up ahead of time in order to avoid downtime. Ports occur at 11:30 AM Eastern time on weekdays. Please let us know if you would like a specific date, keeping in mind this works best as an "on or after..." request.

Follow these guidelines to make the porting process smooth and quick:

  1. Please include only one port request per ticket. Do not submit multiple LOAs in a single ticket. Create one ticket per port request so that we are able to update you on the status of each, at different times.
  2. If you are porting multiple numbers, please create one port request ticket for local numbers and another for toll-free numbers. We use a separate process for local vs. toll-free ports. Do not combine local and toll-free numbers in a single port request.
  3. All numbers in a single port request must belong to the same carrier. Note: it is common for VoIP providers to use multiple carriers. Often the end user is not aware of this. Please double-check with your VoIP provider to ensure all numbers belong to the same carrier. If not, group the numbers together by carrier, in multiple port requests.
  4. Make sure all of the numbers in a single porting request belong to the same account and have the same service address.
  5. Create your port request ticket online at our Support Center under the SIPStation Porting category.  View this wiki on how to submit a Port Request.
  6. Be sure to upload a Letter of Authorization (LOA) that is completely filled out and accurate. The date must be within the past 30 days. The document must be legible – photos generally are not acceptable. Download the required LOA form here.
  7. Upload a copy of a recent phone bill from within the past 30 days, showing the company name and phone number(s) you want to port. This helps prevent data mismatch rejections and delays. The bill copy is required unless there is no bill for the account (such as with Google Voice).
  8. Wait patiently for us to update you on your port request and advise you of the assigned port date. You'll receive our updates in your ticket and at the e-mail address associated with your ticket.
  9. Check your e-mail's spam filter. If you do not hear back from us after 14 days, feel free to reply to your port request ticket asking for an update.
  10. We will make all efforts to keep you updated as we receive information from your existing carrier. If the losing carrier rejects the port request, we will inform you of the reason and may ask for additional information.

Cost and Fees for Number Porting 

  1. There is a $10.00 per number fee for each number you want to port.  This fee will be charged after we confirm a port date with your existing carrier. If we are unable to port your number(s), no fee will be charged.
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