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Phone Apps are designed to work only with Sangoma IP Phones. Please see our End of Sale notice here on Phone Apps with 3rd Party Phones.

Logging Out a User From Your Phone

  • When a device has a user registered to it, you can program a button to log out the user from the device and log in a new user/extension. Pressing the Logout application button should prompt you with a screen to select "Login" or "Logout" as shown below:

  • Select Logout to log the user out of the phone.

  • The phone will now reboot.

Logging In a User From Your Phone

  • If your phone is pointed to your PBX as the server, it should grab configs. After the phone restarts, press the Login button to log another user in as a new device.
  • You will be prompted for your extension and password. The password by default is your voicemail password. If you do not have a voicemail box set up on your account, you would use the "User Password" as defined in the End Point Manger Global Settings. You can also optionally use the Admin password as defined in the End Point Manger Global Settings to log in any phone without knowing the voicemail password.

  • The phone will then load its configuration file. (Digium phones need to be rebooted to get their configuration file.)
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