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Phone Apps are designed to work only with Sangoma IP Phones. Please see our End of Sale notice here on Phone Apps with 3rd Party Phones.

Viewing and Retrieving Parked Calls

  • Pressing the Park button while not on a call will display a list of parked calls. You can see the caller ID of the person parked and how long they have been parked for.

  • From here you can pick up any specific parked call by using the up/down arrow keys and and pressing Dial.

Parking a Caller into your Default Lot (Not Supported on All Devices)

  • While on an active call, you can press the "Park" button to park the caller. The caller will be parked into the default parking lot for your user.

Visual Notifications

  • For phones that support a BLF light with the button, the Park button will turn red, informing you someone is waiting in a parking slot in one of the lots that you have permissions to monitor.

  • For phones that support center screen notifications, the slot number of any newly parked caller will also display for a few seconds.
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