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Vega Configuration

The following steps illustrate how to register your Vega product with FreePBX. This guide applies to all Vega products


1. Log into your Vega webGUI

2. Log into the Quick Config 
**Any modifications performed in Quick Config will overwrite ALL configuration on the Vega (so if you have made any adjustments in Expert Config, they will be erased!!)

3. Configure VoIP Registration details as follows

  • a. Click on the 'Registration Mode' and select 'Gateway
  • b. Insert your FreePBX IP address in 'SIP Server IP/Name'
  • c. Enter the PJSIP port (5060)
  • d. Under 'Registration and Authentication ID' and 'Authentication Password' insert the registration credentials that you have assigned (or will assign) for the Vega inside FreePBX.  Remember these credentials as they will be used for FreePBX configuration.

In our example we want to use 'vega' and 'sangoma1' for the password, as follows:

4. Finish configuring your Vega by clicking on the last tab. 
In our example we are using a Vega 60 so its FXO, digital Vega’s will have T1/E1 tab

The Vega will ask you to apply and save your changes.

FreePBX Configuration

1. Log into the FreePBX webGUI

2.Click on Trunks, located under Connectivity

3. Click on 'Add SIP (chan_pjsip) Trunk', to add a new trunk

4. Define the Trunk Name. In our example, we called it 'vega' which is the same as the Registration/Authentication ID we entered in the Vega Quick Config Wizard.

5. Configure the PJSIP Settings under the General Tab as follows:

a. Leave the Username blank, since the Username is the trunk name

b. Enter the Authentication Password (secret). In our example it is 'sangoma1'

c. Set the Authentication option as Both

d. Set the Registration parameter as Receive, since the Vega is sending the SIP registration string to FreePBX

e. Leave the rest of the options with their default values.

f. Click on the Submit button.

6. The last step is to Apply Configuration.

To verify registration Open the 'Status' Page of the Vega Gateway webgui and look at SIP Registrations

Intrusion detection (Recommendation)

In order to have the Vega register to FreePBX we recommend adding the Vega's IP Address (or add the entire subnet where the Vega is installed) to the Intrusion Detection module whitelist.

  • To do this navigate to Admin -> System Admin -> Intrusion Detection
  • Add the Vega's IP or Subnet in the Whitelist field
  • Submit changes
  • Restart the Intrusion Detection service

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