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  • Here you will find all your Sangoma High Density Gateways listed.  
    • Dialogic IMG
    • Sangoma SS7
    • Sangoma NBVG (Netborder Voice Gateway)
  • For each Product you view we have the following tabs with general information outlined below for each tab
    • General
      • Company Name - Who owns the Gateway. Owner is shown as the Customer who bought the Gateway from Sangoma.
      • Location Name - Editable field that lets you set a friendly name for this Gateway that will be shown when looking or viewing the Gateway in the Portal.
      • Dates - Dates for when the Gateway was purchased, when support and warranties expire.
      • External IP - Editable field that you can define the External IP for this product to make it easier for support to know how to reach your Gateway.

    • License
      • Depending on Product you may see other fields.
      • SS7
        • Included T1 Ports - Number of T1 ports the Gateway you purchased was included in the base purchase.
        • Additional T1 Ports - Number of additional T1 Ports that have been purchased for your Gateway
        • Total T1 Ports - Total number of Included and Additional T1 Ports that the Gateway is licensed for.

      • Dialogic IMG
        • Licensed items that your IMG is licensed for such as DSP Ports, SS7, VOIP, PRI.

    • Hardware
      • SKU - SKU of what that hardware item is that makes up this base Gateway deployment.
      • Serial Number - The Serial number of the hardware device that makes up this base Gateway deployment

    • Support
      • Support Contract Type and Expiration Date
      • Extended Warranty if any and Expiration Date

    • If 24X7 Platnium Support Contract is purchased you will see at the top your Pin Code you have to use to reach the Support Team after hours when calling in for this Gateway.

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