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The following commands will work in FreePBX 15+


This page is for the new commands in FreePBX 15+, please see fwconsole commands (13+) for the existing fwconsole commands from FreePBX 13


List Backups

Code Block
# fwconsole backup --list
fwconsole backup --backup=[Backup ID]
| Backup Name | Description | Backup ID                            |
| Test Backup | YOLO        | 2dad0248-ca89-43a3-b761-82848399d903 |

Run Backup

Code Block
# fwconsole backup --backup=2dad0248-ca89-43a3-b761-82848399d903
Starting backup job with ID: d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c
2017-09-20T08:34:07-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Running pre backup hooks
2017-09-20T08:34:07-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Starting backup Test_Backup
2017-09-20T08:34:07-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - This backup will be stored locally at /var/spool/asterisk/backup/Test_Backup/backup-1505921647.tar and is subject to maintinance settings
2017-09-20T08:34:12-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Saving to selected Filestore locations
2017-09-20T08:34:14-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Cleaning up
2017-09-20T08:34:16-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Running post backup hooks
2017-09-20T08:34:16-07:00 [d560ee22-1765-4b87-96a7-ef6fbc0e9c7c] - Backup completed successfully

Dump Backup job for remote

Code Block
fwconsole backup --dumpextern=2dad0248-ca89-43a3-b761-82848399d903

Run backup with remote string and custom transaction id

Code Block
backup --externbackup='BASE64STRING' --transaction='transactionstring'
#will output transactionstring.tar.gz

Restore Legacy CDR using command line 

Code Block
fwconsole backup --restore /home/20200109-110433-1578548073- --restorelegacycdr
Transaction ID is: 76bbbff3-c47f-4b5f-b5ca-e922e230cba9
Determining backup file type...type is legacy
Legacy CDR Restore Option: 1
Starting restore job with file: /home/20200109-110433-1578548073-
Extracting backup...


Convert Legacy chan_sip extensions to chan_pjsip

To convert all chan_sip extensions to chan_pjsip

Code Block
fwconsole convert2pjsip -all
fwconsole reload

To convert specific chan_sip extensions to chan_pjsip you can specify each one separated by a comma. (Example: 6020, 6030, 6040)

Code Block
fwconsole convert2pjsip -r 6020,6030,6040
fwconsole reload

You can also specify a range of extensions (Example: 5000 through 5100 and 6020 through 6040)

Code Block
fwconsole convert2pjsip -r 5000-5100,6020-6040
fwconsole reload

Note: Use `fwconsole reload` to reload the config in FreePBX

Module Admin

Skip "breaking" checks when installing modules that is deprecated or has conflicts

This will skip checks for all modules

Code Block
fwconsole ma install foomodule --skipbreakingcheck

For a specific module

Code Block
fwconsole ma install foomodule barmodule --skipbreakingcheck=foomodule

For multiple specified modules

Code Block
fwconsole ma install foomodule barmodule bazmodule --skipbreakingcheck=foomodule,barmodule

Installing specific module versions with multiple modules

Code Block
fwconsole ma install foomodule:15.1.3 barmodule:15.0.9