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The below Document guides you on the Procedure on before swapping PRI from one MSBG to Another MSBBG

Incase if want to swap the PRI from one MSBG  to another MSBG also removing and reconnecting please ensure you are following the below procedure correclty .

There are 2 possible way in doing the same

1.From GUI

2.From CLI

From GUI

Login in to the UI of the MSBG  on which you like to work on with login credentials, once you logged in go the below menu

Click on Overview Dashboard- Control Panel

Once you navigate to that page you will be having similar to the one shown below

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Before removing the PRI please click on the STOP which is on right side corner of the TDM Gateway



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Once you click you will get a popup message like shown below

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The moment you click OK you will be seeing the below message

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Once the service is stopped then you will be seeing the status of the TDM gateway STOPPED as shown below

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Once PRI is moved back / Reconnected to the SBC, then you can click on the START button which is again on the right side corner

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Which will again popup a message stating are you sure want to start the service

Image Added

Click on the OK to proceed towards starting of the service once started then you can see the service as shown below

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As mentioned above the other way of doing around the same process is from the CLI for which please follow the below process


SSH to the SBC on which you will be doing the activity

Then execute the command as shown below


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Make sure the you get that OK , to re-confirm that service are stopped you can execute the below command to verify that service is stopped

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Once PRI Is connected back then execute the following command to start the service


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You need to get OK once the service is started,

You can reconfirm the same by executing the below command that service is running.


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