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If you acquire from our Sales organization an SBC with support for 250 sessions, you're getting an SBC with support for 250 sessions or calls (session and call is the same in this context). However, when you navigate through the WebUI (for example in the "Sessions" page) you will see 2 sessions per call (inbound/outbound legs) but you will be able to see up to 500 of these (twice as much as you have licensed).

How Does Call Forking work with the SBC?

With SIP Forking you receive one call, and the SBC as a result, forks into multiple calls (2 or more). Once one of theforkedcallsanswersthefirst one in answering gets bridged, the other ones get cancelled. 


How to return multiple values from curl?

The response from curl is always stored in the variable $ {curl_response_data}, but you can return multiple values simply separate the values by commas, or any other character you want.


Note as well how you cannot use the ampersand character in a curl request unless you escape it (because it's XML) using HTML entities (&)



How can I replace my SSD drives in the even to a failure?


1) Power off the Box
2) Replace the FIRST SSD
3) Power on the Box
4) Navigate to WEBUI and run RAID1 synchronization
5) Once synchronized, Power off the Box again
6) Replace the SECOND SSD
7) Power on the Box again
8) Navigate to WEBUI and run RAID1 synchronization again
9) Obtain the serial from the newly installed SSDs
10) Send both serial and current license file to support ( so support can generate a new license with the new serial.




How can I manipulate a SIP header value?

 The The 2 requests that have better support for header manipulation are INVITE and REFER. Other SIP messages (such as responses) have also some header manipulation support but is more limited. In this FAQ we'll cover a regular INVITE request, but the logic applies to REFER messages as well.


Here we have replaced the contents of the host (which was captured in variable $2) and only used $1 and $3 and inserted the desired hostname. The SBC will generate the new outbound SIP request with the new Diversion header value.


Can Virtual Machines Introduce Jitter?

Yes a virtual machine can introduce jitter into the audio stream. At the same rate other factors such as the network are the typical causes of jitter.


The best defense against this is to ensure there is enough resources allocated to each VM. In addition to this ensure you never over allocate any resources on the host OS. As well it is always a good idea to keep your virtualization software up to date.

What is the cause of Error Parsing Kickstart Config

An error on line 36 of the kickstart file will generate a screen such as the following:

Image Added

If this error is seen, it is because non-alphanumeric characters were used to create the system/root password.  The system installer does not support the use of non-alphanumeric (special) characters for the system/root password.