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  1. Please use one ticket for each port request.
    Please do not submit multiple port requests in a single We can port multiple numbers at the same time, but the numbers must be grouped according to #2, #3, and #4 below. Each group of numbers is considered one port request. We can process one port request per support ticket. You can open up multiple tickets if you need to submit multiple port requests. This helps us correctly update you regarding the status of each port.
  2. Please do not combine local and toll-free numbers.
    We need to treat these as separate port requests because we process them differently on our end. Please create separate port requests for local vs. toll-free numbers.
  3. Please be sure all numbers in a single port request belong to the same carrier.
    Often, especially with SIP numbers, the customer is not aware that their provider is using multiple carriers. Please check with your provider ahead of time to determine if you need to split your numbers into different groups.
  4. Please be sure all numbers in a single port request share the same account information.
    This information includes account number, business name, and service address. If you have a complex account, please double-check the configuration with your service provider.


You will need to fill our our Letter of Authorization (LOA) to give us permission to port-in your numbers. All port requests must include an LOA. The LOA needs to be completely and accurately filled out, signed, and dated. Electronic signatures are acceptable. The date must be within the past 30 days. The document must be legible. Photos of the document generally are not acceptable. It is best to send us a PDF. We can also accept high-resolution scans in many formats (PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc.). Avoid taking cell phone pictures, using low-resolution faxing, etc. Please type or print neatly. Please be sure that the file you send to us isn't blank or missing a signature.

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Customer Information

Name: Enter the name of the company or individual who owns the account. Spell it exactly as it is on file with the losing carrier, using the same abbreviations, symbols, etc.