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  1. Enter the following command in your Linux command line, which will start a line trace

    -> wanpipemon -i w1g1 -pcap -pcap_file isdn.pcap -prot ISDN -full -systime -c trd

    -> w1g1 above represents port 1 on your Sangoma card.  If your inbound call will come in on a different port, change w1g1 to wXg1 (replace X with the correct port number.  (the linux command ifconfig will show you all the wXg1 interfaces, where X represents the port number)
    -> The trace will save a file called isdn.pcap in the local directory that the trace was taken. 

  2. When you press <enter> the line trace will begin, which will look similar to the following output:

  3. Make an inbound call to reproduce the issue 
  4. Once you have made the inbound call where caller ID is missing, press <enter> to end the line trace 
  5. Open the issnisdn.pcap file in wireshark to analyze if caller ID was received by the telco