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Important Note Regarding FreeSwitch® and FreeTDM® Support

Support for FreeSwitch and FreeTDM for Sangoma telephony card products are no longer provided by Sangoma. All FreeSwitch drivers and applications are provided as-is with no warranty.  

Sangoma was previously involved in the FreeTDM project, but has refocused its development efforts primarily on Asterisk-based platforms including FreePBX. The information on this page and other FreeSwitch-related pages on the Sangoma Wiki has been retained for historical and reference purposes, but should not be relied upon as reflecting Sangoma's current development efforts or support policies.

When using FreeSWITCH with FreeTDM, there are certain scenarios where installation is required to use FreeSWITCH DAHDI mode


On runtime, FreeTDM will try to determine (checking the existence of /dev/zap/ctl or /dev/dahdi/ctl) which one you have. In a typical DAHDI installation, the freetdm.conf file will be a basic mirror of the contents /etc/dahdi/system.conf (or /etc/zaptel.conf if using zaptel), but you still need them because they are used by dahdi_cfg or ztcfg to configure the hardware.

DAHDI and Wanpipe Installation