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Feature In Progress  (Coming Soon)

  • Add Ability to define custom extensions.  The concept behind this is you could define a extension


  • on a different PBX.  Then when doing a extension mapping pick a custom extension and we will use that extension number, name, SIP Password and IP address for that device.  This allows you to use a single End Point Manager to setup phones that may not be extensions on the local box.
    • For each Custom extension you would define the following information that we store in a database to let you pick from as a extension in the normal Extension Mapping section of EPM
      • Extension Number
      • Extension Name
      • SIP Secret
      • IP Address of PBX
      • SIP Port Number
  • Break Out Individual Polycom file types into separate1 Base File screens to make it easier to know where to put in custom code for Poylcom Phones. Each Basefile template for Polycom would let you edit the following seperate files. Currently they are all under one bug screen and hard to figure out at times where each config item is under.
    • features
    • ext
    • sip-interop

Road Map (Below is a small sample of current planned features)  
  • Add support for Digium DPMA natively into EPM.  Currently we write out XML configs for Digium phones which do not allow us to take advantage of hybrid features like visual parking and voicemail, call recording.  By moving to DPMA configs we can expose those button options.  We will support both XML and DPMA for users who are not using DPMA with asterisk such as standard Asterisk 1.8.  Starting with Asterisk 11 DPMA is built into stock Asterisk.
  • Global Contact Management-  This is going to first take building a proper Global Contact Manager/Speed Dial module in FreePBX to replace the aging and useless Speed Dial and Phone Book Module.  Once done we can then hook into that module to populate contacts to any phones that support external contacts.