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  1. Keep your numbers active with the losing carrier until after the port.
    We are only able to port active numbers. Please do not cancel service with your current provider until after the port completes. We do not recommend scheduling a cancellation ahead of time, since the porting timeframe can be unpredictable.

  2. Determine the correct information that is on file with the losing carrier. Don't guess or use trial-and-error.
    All of the information you submit in the letter of authorization (LOA) must match what the losing carrier has on file. This includes the company name, service address, account number, authorized user, and service address. Remember, the actual carrier may be a different entity from your service provider. The information on file might not be what you expect, especially if your numbers are SIP / VoIP numbers.
  3. Plan for up to four weeks of processing time.
    Porting can be a slow process and we appreciate your patience. The typical timeframe for most ports to be completed is 1-3 weeks. If any rejections are encountered, the process will take longer. Some numbers, such as Google Voice numbers, can be ported as quickly as 24 hours, but this is an exception to the norm. We typically cannot honor requests to "expedite" a port.
  4. Be ready for the port.
    If you make a port request, we assume you and your SIPStation account are ready to accept the ported numbers. You will be able to manage your new DID(s) in your SIPStation account as soon as we receive an assigned port date. You will need to have your trunks and routes set up ahead of time in order to avoid downtime. Ports typically occur at 11:30 AM eastern time on weekdays. Please let us know if you would like a specific date, keeping in mind this works best as an "on or after..." type of request. Although you can request to cancel a port, sometimes this is not possible, especially on short notice (less than 2 days). It's best to make a port request only when you are truly ready.
  5. Communicate with us.
    Sometimes we will need more information from you in order to complete a port, so it's important that we are able to communicate with you. When you first create a number port request ticket, you can expect to receive a response within 3 business days. If you haven't received this response, please check your e-mail's spam filter. You can also find your ticket at by logging in and clicking "My Tickets." The support ticket system is our primary way of communicating with you. If you need an additional person to be added as a CC to the ticket, please let us know.
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The fee for porting is $10 per number. Fees are charged to your SIPStation account after we receive a port date (Firm Order Commitment) from the losing carrier. If we are unable to port your numbers, no fee will be charged.


In order to create a port request, you will need to first gather some information, then . Then you'll fill out and sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and submit a . Finally, you'll create a support ticket in the SIPStation Number Porting department of our online support systemand upload your LOA and bill copy. Full instructions are given below.


Following the tips below will speed the processing of your port request(s) and help us better serve you. We want your porting experience to be quick, easy, frustration-free, and successful.

Please take time to organize your port request(s) as follows, in order to prevent delays and extra paperwork later: 

  1. Please use one ticket for each port request.
    Please do not submit multiple port requests in a single ticket. You can open up multiple tickets if you need to submit multiple port requests. This helps us correctly update you regarding the status of each port.
  2. Please do not combine local and toll-free numbers.
    We need to treat these as separate port requests because we process them differently on our end. Please create separate port requests for local vs. toll-free numbers.
  3. Please be sure all numbers in a single port request belong to the same carrier.
    Often, especially with SIP numbers, the customer is not aware that their provider is using multiple carriers. Please check with your provider ahead of time to determine if you need to split your numbers into different groups.
  4. Please be sure all numbers in a single port request share the same account information.
    This information includes account number, business name, and service address. If you have a complex account, please double-check the configuration with your service provider.


  1. Visit and log in.

  2. Click on "Submit a Ticket."
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  3. Select the "SIPStation Number Porting" category, then click "Next."

  4. Choose the SIPStation location to which you want the number(s) ported into. Your new ticket will become associated with your selected location. We will place the ported DIDs into that location unless you advise us otherwise.

  5. Fill out the Letter of Authorization (LOA) as described earlier in this wiki, and click "Yes" to indicate that you have completed the LOA.

  6. Enter a short, descriptive subject into the subject line. This can be anything you wish; however, it is most helpful to us if you identify your ticket as a port request and mention either a telephone number or the name of the company/individual. If you are creating multiple tickets, please use a different subject for each. Enter a message into the large field (it can be very short and basic, such as, "I would like to port this number"). It is helpful if you can tell us the name of your current service provider and any other extra details that may help us with the port.

  7. Upload your Letter of Authorization (LOA) to your ticket. Cick on "Add File," then click "Choose File" and select the appropriate file from your computer.

  8. Upload your bill copy to your ticket. If there is no bill associated with your phone number(s), please let us know in your message, and skip to the next step. Otherwise, please upload your bill copy by clicking "Add File" again, then clicking "Choose File" and selecting the appropriate file from your computer.

  9. Click the "Submit" button to send your port request ticket to us.

  10. The next screen will confirm that we have received your request. You will receive an e-mail confirming the creating of your ticket.

  11. You can expect to receive the following status updates:
    1. Port request submitted (after we process your order and send it to our carrier)
    2. Port date approved (after we receive a Firm Order Commitment from the losing carrier)
    3. Port completed (after the numbers port to SIPStation)
    We will also update you if your port request is rejected, giving the reason for the rejection and possibly asking for further information.