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Comment: bill copy is required


  1. Only one port request per ticket, please. Do not submit multiple LOAs in a ticket.
  2. If you are porting multiple numbers, create one port request ticket for local numbers and another for toll-free numbers. We use a separate process for local vs. toll-free ports.
  3. Make sure all of the numbers in a single porting request belong to the same account and same address.
  4. Create your port request ticket online at our Support Center under the SIPStation Porting category.  View this wiki on how to submit a Port Request.
  5. Be sure to upload a Letter of Authorization (LOA) that is completely filled out and accurate. The date must be within the past 30 days. The document must be legible – photos generally are not acceptable. Download the required LOA form here.
  6. Upload a copy of a recent phone bill from within the past 30 days, showing the company name and phone number(s) you want to port. This helps prevent data mismatch rejections and delays. The bill is optional if you are porting a U.S. number, but we strongly recommend you provide one if able. Canadian number ports require a copy of a bill.
  7. Wait patiently for us to update you on your port request and advise you of the assigned port date. You'll receive our updates in your ticket and at the e-mail address associated with your ticket.
  8. Check your e-mail's spam filter. If you do not hear back from us after 14 days, feel free to reply to your port request ticket asking for an update.
  9. We will make all efforts to keep you updated as we receive information from your existing carrier. If the losing carrier rejects the port request, we will inform you of the reason and may ask for additional information.