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The FreePBX Distro is maintained and put out by the project. Lots of other companies will bundle FreePBX GUI on their own LAMP (Linux, Asterisk, MySQL, PHP and Asterisk) stack, but that does not mean those systems are the Official FreePBX Distro.

Below are steps to determine if If you are using the Official FreePBX Distro.


, you will be able to see its version number.

Where Can I Find my Version Number?

In the CLI:

If you are using the Official FreePBX Distro, you will see its version number after you execute the appropriate command below.

On newer systems, execute the following command from the CLI:


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cat /etc/asterisk/freepbxdistro-version


In the System Admin Module:

Open the System Admin module in the GUI, and view look for the PBX Firmware version number in the module's home page:

If you do not see the PBX Firmware version number, you are not using the official FreePBX Distro.

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FreePBX Distro Version Numbering System
FreePBX Distro Version Numbering System