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This table is a list of penalty change rules. You can enter one or more rules, and they will be applied in order from top to bottom.

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The number of seconds prior to making the prescribed rule change. This is NOT the absolute time as used in queuerules.conf. For the first rule in the list, the duration is the time since the caller entered the queue. For all subsequent rules, the duration is the time since the previous rule was applied.


The new QUEUE_MIN_PENALTY value. As with the max penalty change above, you can enter an absolute value here, or you can use "+" or "-" before the number to define a change in value.

Queue Raise Penalty

The new QUEUE_RAISE_PENALTY value. Standard queue behavior is to only ring agents of the same penalty at any given time. If you wish to raise the minimum penalty of the ringing agents AND you wish lower penalty agents to also ring, you would set theQUEUE_RAISE_PENALTY value to match the QUEUE_MAX_PENALTY.



You do not have to change both maximum and , minimum or raise penalties at the same time. For example, you can define a rule that keeps the same max penalty as the previous rule, while only adjusting the minimum penalty.