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Verify User has RESTful API Setup

  1. Verify the user you will be adding this application to has been setup as an API user in the RESTful API module and that they have access to either all modules or at the very least the module the application will be using.
  2. Log into your phone's PBX Admin GUI and click on the module called RestAPI.
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  3. On the right is a list of users who have a RESTful API account setup. Click on your user or if you do not see the user listed, click the "New Token" option.
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  4. When you edit or setup an API user, you can set the following options:
    1. Name- A name for this user. Usually the extension number.
    2. Description- Optional description about this API user. 
    3. Associated User- Which extension/user you want this key to be associated with. If the extension is deleted, the key will also be removed. Also, the status of the API key can be enabled and disabled in the User Control Panel of the associated user along wth their API tokens.
    4. Status- Enabled or Disabled
    5. Users- Which user(s) data this token key can get and set. Meaning if we were using the API token here for Do No Disturb, the API token would only work to receive and set DND for these users. Only set this to the users you want this API token to be able to control, which is ususally the same as the Associated User above.
    6. Modules- Which modules this user's token has access to. Default is to set this to "All" modules.
    7. Rate Limit- How many requests per hour this token user can make.
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  5. Once finished, press the "Submit" button to save your settings.


  1. Review the Wiki on User Management here.  

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