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  • Edit the EPM template for the desired type of phone and edit the softkey assignment section to assign a softkey with the following settings:
    • Type: BLF
    • Label: Do Not Disturb
    • Value: *76__line1Ext__ (this uses the built-in EPM ver. 12 basefile variable __line1Ext__, which is replaced by EPM with the specific extension for each phone, allowing the same template to automatically be customized for each extension – see EPM-Variables exposed in Base File Editor; for EPM 2.11, the variable name is different)
    • Account: Account1
    • States: only "Idle" is enabled as this key should only be used when the phone is not in active use
  • After saving the template, go to "Extension Mapping" and run the "Rebuild Configs" command for each phone using the modified template to push out the change to phone configuration files
  • Reboot phones to force an immediate reconfiguration or let them pick up the new template on a scheduled basis if they are configured to do so


Characters in custom entries not provisioning on Grandstream

Some characters need to be encoded, so if adding to basefiles please replace the following:
+    =    %2B
%   =    %25
=    =    %3D
&    =    %26