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Please note: You must have an open and active account at (with a minimum of 1 trunk purchased) to be able create a SIPStation Number Porting ticket and port-in a number via

The porting process for phone numbers can vary by carrier. Basic porting tips:

  1. We are only able to port-in active numbers that are on your account with the losing carrier. If you have disconnected service, we will not be able to port your number(s). Please plan to continue service with the losing carrier until after the port completes.
  2. The typical timeframe for most ports to be completed is 2-4 weeks. Minimum turnaround time is 7 days.
  3. The porting timeframe is controlled primarily by your existing carrier, and not much can be done from our side to move the process along any faster. You can help speed the process by providing accurate information. Any mismatch of data will cause a rejection and delay from your losing carrier. Each time we need to change information and re-submit the port request, it causes an additional delay.
  4. Please provide the service address for each telephone number, which may differ from the billing address. The service address must be a physical street address and not a P.O. Box. In some cases, such as with VoIP providers, the service address may be a corporate address of the provider, rather than your own address. Please check with your provider.
  5. Do not cancel service with your losing carrier until after we have advised you the port has completed, and you have made sure the ported numbers are working properly.