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  • Reject: Reject the new fax and disconnect the call.
  • Delete Oldest: Delete as many faxes as necessary to accommodate the incoming fax, starting with the oldest. 

Channel Control Option

FreePBX 14+ (v14.0.1.10) onward, we have added option to add multiple fax recipients to send a fax using UCP. 

following "Channel Control option" configuration option present under Settings→Fax Configuration and will be visible only if "Faxpro" commercial module is installed and licensed.

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Depends on above "Concurrent Fax" configuration value, UCP will show the option to send the fax to multiple recipients.

for example, We have "Concurrent Fax" option configured as "1" so below UCP snapshot is showing "Max concurrent channels" is 1.

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User Fax Settings