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  1. Log into your Commercial End Point Manager and either create or edit a template for a support upported device.  In our example we are going to pick Aastra and edit our "Sample" template.  For more information on using EPM please see this wiki.  For sakes of this wiki we will assume you know how to use the Commercial EPM and just cover how to add a application to a template.

  2. We can pick a phone model and setup a few buttons to be XML-API type.  Under the Value section will be a drop down of available RESTful Apps for you to choose from.

  3. When done make sure to save your template and then map your devices to use this template in the Extension Mapping section.


  1. If you phone is external from your PBX and your PBX is behind a firewall you will need to open the RestFUL Apps port.  To do this go into the System Admin module and click on the and Click on the Port Management Section.

  2. Locate the RESTful Phone Apps Port
  3. From here you can change the port to be something different if you would like.  Do not forget to open your firewall for this port if you will have external phones connecting to the PBX and needing access to the RESTful Phone Apps.  The phones will use this port when connecting to the phone apps