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  1. Any networking changes required in order to bring up the secondary server like router's port forwarding in case of NATing environment to make sure - 
    1. Secondary server registration messages are reaching to SIP Trunking providers.
    2. Phones are able to send registration messages to secondary server. 

  2. To make sure Primary and Secondary server IPs are not changing and if changing we need to make sure GraphQL configuration (only server url) are updating accordingly, because both the servers are talking to each other using GraphQL API .  IP changes might result in false declaration of "server down" event.

  3. To make sure both Primary and Secondary servers are accessible to each other so if "firewall" module is running then we have to white-list both the servers IP accordingly.

  4. To make sure SSH connectivity between both the servers i.e. Primary and secondary server is properly configuration.

  5. Latest recording report module i.e. v15.0.4.28 onward, Call recording files will not be the part of "full system backup" so user have to copy them manually.

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