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 We could have situation due to some network or power fluctuation which results in lost communication between servers and due to which, switchover happens. 

(question) I have two FreePBX servers , each have two NICs. One will be providing regular access to the network to which SIP will bind to, and another NIC to directly connect to the other FreePBX server. How can I configure Advanced Recovery module to use dedicated NIC or LAN interface for monitoring , syncing purpose between the servers ?
 A:  As long as two servers can communicate at IP level with each other then Advanced Recovery module will work fine. I believe each NIC will have its own IP so we just to have to make sure "direct" link between servers is configured in such a way that communication between both the servers over dedicated NIC interface is absolutely fine.

For example Server A has NIC IP x.y.z.w and Server B NIC has IP a.b.c.d and there is direct link between both the servers.  We have to take care of following pre-conditions during the configuration - 

  • Routing or communication between x.y.z.w and a.b.c.d at IP level is perfectly fine. 
  • SSH , HTTP(s) port is opened on these IPs. 
  • Whitelist these IPs in both the server to ensure firewall is not blocking access to these IPs.
  • SSH key setup between both the servers to ensure they can SSH to each other using these IPs.
  • Use this NIC IP in Advanced module configuration. 
  • When we use Endpoint Manager to re-build fail over IP configuration , that time ensure that you are choosing "public" SIP server IP not this private NIC IP.  Same needs to done while doing manual configuration for non-sangoma  brands as well.