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Frequently Asked Questions 

(question) Do we need a floating IP now like in the old HA setup
 A:  No. Floating A floating IP is not a requirement with this module. Each server can have has its own IP address. SSH communication must be open between both the servers.

(question) Does  Do both servers have identical configurations, except that on the standby server the trunks are disabled to avoid registrations coming from two machines simultaneously.
 A:  Yes. This module provides more granularity to control the trunks either during syncing or after switchover.  "Disable Remote Trunks" option will take care of trunks status during normal primary and secondary system and "Swicthover Trunk selection" option will take what should be the trunk status (like want to enable or disable) after switchover.

(question) Does  Do non Sangoma phones need to be configured to register to the backup server address if registration to primary is unsuccessful.
 A: Yes we need to manually set the Fall back destination or sip server address to SIP phones so during the primary system failure time, phone can get register to secondary system.

(question) Does  Are services like Asterisk, FreePBX, etc are all running on both machines no matter whether in standby or active ?
 A: Yes. 

(question) How does the monitoring happened happen?
 A:  Primary server and Secondary server both monitors each monitor the other and send notification as soon as failure of peer node happenedhappens. If the primary goes down then switchover will happen and if happens. If the Secondary goes down then , only a notification will happen.

(question) Whats the use of   What does the  “Bring down Primary server after switchover” option means mean?
  A: After switchover, if this option is enabled then secondary the Secondary will keep on monitoring the primary server IP and if Primary server comes back then will perform the 'fwconsole stop' on primary which basically means to stop all the running services like asterisk and any other FreePBX processes. This is required when we want only one node to be active to avoid - :

  • Split registration scenarios where some phones can register to primary and some to secondary.
  • Sending SIP trunks registration request from both the servers.

 We can land to this could have situation due to some network or power fluctuation which results in lost communication lost between both the servers and due to which, switchover will happenhappens