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The dialplan can be configured to perform HTTP requests and route the call based on the HTTP response.


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To do this, you will need to use the curl application inside your call routing table to perform the HTTP request. The return value from the HTTP request will be stored in the variable curl_response_data, and return code curl_response_code.


A sample php code that you can use for debug can be downloaded from this link:
Sample Test PHP script

The sample code will always return 'gateway1'.


The webserver can be extended to retrieve the gateway name from a database.

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You can download the sample PHP code that will connect to a MySQL Database from the link below:
Sample PHP Script

The sample PHP script accepts the following parameters:
db_url: URL of database to connect to. Default: localhost
db_user: Username to connect to database. Default: root
db_password: Password to connect to database. Default: sangoma
Database name. Default: sangoma_sbc
db_tableTable name. Default: gateways
Name of column that contains the number to look-up. Default: number
db_gateway_column: Name of column that contatins the gateway name. Default: gateway

So the generated SQL query is: