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Familiar with porting? You can download our Letter of Authorization (LOA) and submit it along with a copy of your bill at httpsat Full  Full instructions are given below. If you are not familiar with number porting, we encourage you to read the instructions and tips in this wikibelow.


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After you've filled out your letter of authorization and obtained any other necessary information, you are ready to submit a port request ticket in our support system. Please do not e-mail or fax port requests to us; please only use the online support system. If you have any issues logging into the support system, you will need to resolve those issues first before continuing.

  1. Visit httpsVisit and log in.

  2. Click on "Submit a Ticket."

  3. Select the "SIPStation Number Porting" category, then click "Next."

  4. Choose the SIPStation location to which you want the number(s) ported into. Your new ticket will become associated with your selected location. We will place the ported DIDs into that location.

  5. Fill out the Letter of Authorization (LOA) as described earlier in this wiki, and click "Yes" to indicate that you have completed the LOA.

  6. Enter a short, descriptive subject into the subject line. This can be anything you wish; however, it is most helpful to us if you identify your ticket as a port request and mention either a telephone number or the name of the company/individual. If you are creating multiple tickets, please use a different subject for each. Enter a message into the large field (it can be very short and basic, such as, "I would like to port this number"). It is helpful if you can tell us the name of your current service provider and any other extra details that may help us with the port.

  7. Upload your Letter of Authorization (LOA) to your ticket. Cick on "Add File," then click "Choose File" and select the appropriate file from your computer.

  8. Upload your bill copy to your ticket. If there is no bill associated with your phone number(s), please let us know in your message, and skip to the next step. Otherwise, please upload your bill copy by clicking "Add File" again, then clicking "Choose File" and selecting the appropriate file from your computer.

  9. Click the "Submit" button to send your port request ticket to us.

  10. The next screen will confirm that we have received your request. You will receive an e-mail confirming the creating of your ticket.

  11. You can expect to receive the following status updates:
    1. Port request submitted (after we process your order and send it to our carrier)
    2. Port date approved (after we receive a Firm Order Commitment from the losing carrier)
    3. Port completed (after the numbers port to SIPStation)
    We will also update you if your port request is rejected, giving the reason for the rejection and possibly asking for further information.