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The porting process of phone numbers can very between all port request.

  1. The general timeframe for most ports to be completed is 2-4 weeks.
  2. The porting timeframe is controlled primarily by your existing carrier and not much can be done from our side to move the process along any faster.

To port a phone number follow these guidelines to make the process smooth and quick.

  1. Create a port request at under the SIPStation Porting Category.  View this wiki on how to submit a Port Request.
  2. Upload a completed Letter of Authorization (LOA) in full.  Download the required  LOA from here.
  3. Upload a copy of a recent invoice that shows the Company Name and phone numbers you want to port.
  4. Wait patiently for us to update you on your port request and a port date.
  5. If you do not hear back from us in 14 days feel free to reply to your port request ticket asking for an update.
  6. We will make all efforts to keep you updated as we receive information from your existing carrier