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  1. If your phone is external from your PBX and your PBX is behind a firewall, you will need to open the RestFUL Apps port. To do this go into the System Admin module and click on the Port Management section.

  2. Locate the RESTful Phone Apps Port.
  3. From here you can change the port to be something different if you would like. Do not forget to open your firewall for this port if you will have external phones connecting to the PBX and needing access to the RESTful Phone Apps. The phones will use this port when connecting to the phone apps.

Start the process script

  1. After you have licensed Phone Apps you need to start the demon that watches for hints the first time as this can not be started when their was no license.  This script will be auto started anytime amportal start is run which includes on boot up.  

    Code Block
    [root@mybox ~]# /etc/init.d/restapps restart
    Shutting down REST applications daemon:                    [FAILED]
    Starting REST applications daemon:                         [  OK  ]
    [root@mybox ~]#