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The Parking Application lets you see all the Parked Calls parked calls that you have permissions for.  It It is designed to work with both the Parking Module and the Park Pro module.  You You can visually see your parked calls and , pick up any parked call and also depending on phone support park calls with the same applicationapplication depending on phone support. If using Park Pro it will only let the user see parked calls of Public Parking Lots or Private Lots public parking lots or private lots that they are a member of and will always park the caller in the Users user's default parking lot as setup in your PBX.


Viewing and Retrieving Parked Calls

  • Pressing the "Park Button " button while not on a call will display a list of Parked Callsparked calls.  We You can see the Caller caller ID of the person parked and how long they have been parked for.
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  • From here we you can pick up any specific Parked Caller parked caller by using the up/down arrow keys and picking which Park Caller to pickup.
    Image Removedand pressing the right arrow next to the caller.
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Parking a Caller into your Default Lot (Not Supported on all devices)

  • While on a an active call you can press the "Park" button to park the caller.  The The caller will be parked into your default Parking parking lot for your user.
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Visual Notifications

  • For phones that support a BLF light with the button you will now see , the Park button has the light on will turn red informing you someone is waiting on in a Park Slot park slot in any one of the Lots lots that you have permissions to monitor.
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  • For phones that support "Center Screen Notifications" we will ," the slot number of any newly parked caller will also display for a few seconds the slot number of any newly Parked Caller after they have been parked in any of the Lots that you have permissions to monitor.
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