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  1. Transaction History

    At anytime you can view your current Transaction history of all orders, invoices, credit notes and payments and download a PDF version of the statement. In the top right menu bar click on Transaction History Screen Shot 20180927 at 11.34.24 AM.png You will now see all Orders, Invoices, Credit Notes and Payments within
    Sangoma Portal/Store04 Jan , 2019
  2. Viewing Credit Memos

    A credit memo gets created anytime a Refund, Return, RMA or Manual Credit on your account gets added. Follow these steps to view or print a PDF copy of any credit memos. Transaction History
    Sangoma Portal/Store04 Jan , 2019
  3. SIP History-Info Header

    from one entity to another through requests and responses. An example of the SIP History Header is shown below. The SIP HistoryInfo Header displays … of the Request History information Example DGWGSIPHISTORYINFO21.png Configuration Initial Configuration The procedure below explains how to configure the IMG 2020
  4. Call History

    The Call History section allows you to view missed, received, and dialed calls, as well as add the number to your contacts list, blacklist the number, or call the number. Viewing Calls Press the History soft key. screen214445.jpg "All Calls" will be shown by default. missed.jpg = Missed received.jpg = Received
    Phones29 Dec , 2015
  5. Call History

    on the Call option in Zulu Application image2016115 12:7:52.png Inside the Call tab we can pick between Originate, SoftPhone or Call History buttons. This wiki will focus on Call History for placing a call. image20161123 16:41:0.png Click on the Call History button on the left side. Screen Shot 20161105 at 12.08.27 PM.png
    Zulu UC23 Nov , 2016
  6. Call History - UCP

    Overview The Call History section allows you to see all inbound and outbound calls for your user and listen to any call recordings that are associated with that call. Usage In our example we can see my user is setup to to view numerous extensions as defined in the User Management module. When clicking on Call History
    PBX GUI19 Jun , 2014
  7. Viewing Payment History

    Since a single payment can be applied against 1 or more invoices you use the Payment History option to view any previous payments and print a Payment Receipt … assistance. Click on the Payment > Payment History option in the left side menu. Screen Shot 20180430 at 4.46.32 PM.png Search by date range of yoru payment
    Sangoma Portal/Store30 Apr , 2018
  8. UCP Call History

    This applies to version 14 of your PBX GUI The Call History widget allows you to see all inbound and outbound calls for your user and listen to any call recordings that are associated with that call. The User Management Module controls which call histories
    PBX GUI10 Mar , 2017
  9. Accounting-Invoice History List

    Section of the Sangoma Portal and click on List. Screen Shot 20180322 at 12.21.46 PM.png Locate the AccountingInvoice History List and click on the View icon … a specific sub customer you want to run this report for and see the invoice history of those customers. Sub Customers can only be created by you and they are fully
    Sangoma Portal/Store31 Jul , 2018
  10. Viewing SMS History in Zulu Widget

    You can click the X to delete the conversation from zulu history Screen Shot 20161105 at 12.50.58 PM.png
    Zulu UC27 Jan , 2017