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  1. Supported Codecs

    entry by moving the entry up or down the list. Refer to the topic for information on setting the priority. Table of Supported Codecs Codec SIP (Audio) H.323 (Audio) G.711 alaw/ulaw Yes Yes G.722 Yes Not Supported G.723 5.3 Kbps Yes Yes G.723 5.3 Kbps Yes Yes G.729A/B Yes Yes T.38 Yes Yes iLBC 20 ms Yes Not Supported
  2. IMG 1010 - Supported MIBs

    The IMG SNMP solution supports the following standard MIBs below. The MIB libraries are loaded into the GCEMS Linux Server when installing the GCEMS … 2863 The Interfaces Group MIB. Support for this MIB provides several benefits: A view of control, signalling, and data ports
  3. Support Tab

    Sangoma Portal/Store09 Jan , 2017
  4. PJSIP Support

    PJSIP is the emerging SIP technology in Asterisk. It provides additional functionality and features not present in the legacy chansip and over time it will become the predominant SIP technology. However, because of it's youth and more extensive feature set, customers are likely to encounter more bugs and issues. We enc
    PBX GUI08 Feb , 2016
  5. Support Services

    Support Services09 Dec , 2015
  6. How to create SSL Certificates for your TLS support on Sangoma SBC

    certificate needs to be obtained, and signed by a supported Certification Authority (CA), which contains the FQDN of the SBC in the certificate's name (CN) field
    Session Border Controller13 Jul , 2017
  7. IMG 1010 - Basic Support

  8. IMG 1010 - Support

  9. Supported Country Tones

    We currently support the Following Country Tones. If the below list does not include a Country you need support for you can define your own custom Tone options to match any country needs. Australia Austria Brazil Belgium China Chile Czech Denmark Finland France Germany Great Britian Greece Hungary Lithuania India
    Phones28 Apr , 2020
  10. Phone Apps-Supported Devices

    Below is a list of Applications that are part of the RESTful Apps module and features that are supported on each device. Since each manufacturer and specific models all have different limitations, all the features for each application may not be 100% supported on your device and you will need to test the different
    PBX GUI08 Jan , 2020