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  1. Dialogic Support Technical Helpweb

    For a list of Known Issues, refer to the Dialogic Service Center Technical Helpweb website.
  2. IMG 1010 - SIP Multiple m-line Support

    Overview: Feature 1393 multiple mline supports RFC 3264 (Offer/Answer Model with SDP) and allows the IMG to select an acceptable media stream from a valid SIP … : The IMG by default will accept all offers with multiple valid mlines. IMG supports a minimum of 1 mline and a Maximum of 4 mlines. A 488 Not Acceptable Here
  3. IMG 1010 - SIP Redirect Server Support

    responded with a 180 Ringing or 183, the IMG will not make any more redirect attempts Not Supported Simultaneous redirects Redirection to another Channel Group 3xx … 410 Gone Example Call Flow image20191210141939.png Related topics IMG 1010 Supported 3xx Redirect Responses IMG 1010 SIP Profile 10.5.3 Unlink image from
  4. Viewing active Support and Extended Warranty Contracts on a Product

    the support information for the Deployment Screen Shot 20170607 at 1.31.33 PM.png Screen Shot 20170623 at 6.39.17 AM.png Click on the Support Tab at the top Screen Shot 20170623 at 6.39.06 AM.png From here you can view the current support contract along with expiration date and Extended Warranties and when
    Sangoma Portal/Store23 Jun , 2017
  5. SIP Multiple m-line Support

    The IMG 2020 supports multiple mline in accordance with RFC 3264 (Offer/Answer Model with SDP) and allows the IMG 2020 … . The IMG 2020 supports a minimum of 1 mline and a maximum of 4 mlines. A 488 Not Acceptable Here will be sent if less than 1 or more than 4 mlines are sent
  6. Bria Cloud Solutions Support Information

    the CounterPath Subscription Portal, Bria Cloud Solutions Customers also have access to our knowledgebase articles & Support Forums. Access these resources to search
    PBX GUI10 Oct , 2014
  7. SIP Enum Support

    ENUM is a protocol that uses DNS on internet to translate E.164 numbers (E.164=public enum directory of telephone numbers using ITUT standard). Enum maps a telephone number to an email address, website, VoIP address, etc. The IMG 2020 supports ENUM E2Usip to resolve an ENUM telephone number into a SIP URI. The IMG
  8. Support and Troubleshooting

    SmartOffice01 Apr , 2020
  9. IMG 1010 - Pre-Post 95 Support for GRS-GRA

    Description This feature provides the capability to support both pre and post 1995 GRS/GRA message on a per CIC group basis (ANSI Only). This enables different CIC groups in an SS7 stack to connect to different types of DPCs. Implementation: Sending GRS/GRA The post 1995 GRA message, which would be sent in response
  10. MTP3 Support for Multiple Originating Point Codes

    MTP3 support for multiple originating point codes (OPCs) links, link sets, and routes. When an OPC is not specifically configured, it will default to a general OPC
    Dialogic Voice Cards04 Feb , 2018