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  1. IMG 1010 - SIP Media Flow Attribute Support

    Overview: The IMG supports the media flow direction attributes sendrecv, recvonly, sendonly, and inactive. These attributes, which are interpreted from … messaging will be used to support the call hold/resume scenario which is explained in RFC 3264 section 6.1 and still be backwards compatible with the call hold feature
  2. SMTP - STARTTLS Support

    , STARTTLS doesn't mean you have to use TLS, you can use SSL. The SBC notification system is base on email sending. With the STARTTLS support the communication will be encrypted between the SBC and the SMTP server. To active the STARTTLS support just: Go to System / Monitoring / Notification Press Edit in the Notifier form Set
    Session Border Controller13 Feb , 2018
  3. SIP FQDN Support

    The Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) feature supports entering a Fully Qualified Domain Name instead of an IP Address into the c= line of the SDP … the call is established. CFWGFQDNDNSQuery21.png Configuration Procedures Incoming support is always enabled and can not be modified. If the IMG 2020 receives
  4. How to Register Sangoma Products for Support and Warranty

    FreePBX and PBXact Your PBX needs to be registered with us before you can purchase commercial modules or receive paid support assistance for it. We assign each registered deployment a unique Deployment ID. You will be prompted to enter this ID whenever you purchase a commercial module or open a support ticket
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  5. Remote Phone Support - OLD Overview The Remote Phone Support use case allows remote phones employees working from home, or using a SIP client on their mobile phone
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  6. H.323 Fax-Modem Support

    The IMG 2020 supports the following fax/modem functionality using the H.323 protocol. The IMG 2020 supports configuring fax/modem bypass using the AMR codec. T.38 Fax The IMG 2020 negotiates T.38 support at call establishment time. A T.38 port is supplied in the Fast Start component of the Setup, Call Proceeding
  7. Precondition and P-Early-Media Header Support

    . In the case of the IMG 2020, precondition functionality is supported on a limited basis. Precondition only functions on the incoming leg and only functions when PRACK is configured on that leg. This implementation of Precondition only supports the quality of service (qos) preconditions on incoming calls. The qos
  8. Support Contract-Expiring Next 30 Days

    Report exposed to Sangoma Certified Resellers and Customers. Will show all currently active Support Contracts on any product that you have purchased a Support … and click on List. Screen Shot 20180322 at 12.21.46 PM.png Locate the Support ContractExpiring Next 30 Days and click on the View icon Screen Shot 20180531 at 11.05.36
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  9. Faxing Support

    Background If you require faxing for your day to day operations, we do not recommend using the built in FAX support of PBXact Cloud to send and receive faxes. Because of the nature of VoIP networks, sending faxes is very error prone and leads to constant retries and loss of productivity for your employees. If you
    PBX Platforms14 Dec , 2018
  10. IMG 1010 - Fully Qualified Domain Name Support

    Overview: This feature allows the IMG to support SDP connection (c=) line with a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) instead of an IP address on the outgoing … the hardcoded alternatives in SDP and SIP. Configuration Procedures: Incoming support is always enabled and can not be changed. If the IMG receives an incoming INVITE