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  1. Codec Support and Configuration

    Codec Support Asterisk Codec Configuration The following chart details all codecs supported by all Sangoma Transcoding hardware: The Chart below indicates
    Media Transcoding Cards10 Apr , 2017
  2. SIP Fax / Modem Support

    The IMG 2020 first establishes a normal voice call using an audio codec. It then negotiates T.38 support once the voice path is established. The information below describes some of the supported scenarios. IMG 2020 is terminating a fax call Once a fax data mode has been detected at the IP bearer level, SIP will send
  3. Gathering Logs for Support Staff

    Configuration Files and System Log In the event you are having issues with your phone the Support Staff at Sangoma may request that you attach the logs … the 'Download button'. This will download the phones current logs to your computer image2018822102352.png Attach all files to your support ticket PCAP Trace Sometimes
    Phones22 Aug , 2018
  4. Log Collection - Support Logger

    . Once the script is finished it will provide you with a file supportlogger<date>.zip file. Simply attach this file to your ticket in order for our support team … Starting ./ Running script as user 'root' The Sangoma support logger is now collecting logs and configs from your system... Done
    Sangoma Labs22 Feb , 2017
  5. Clear Channel Codec Support

    Clear Channel Codec support adds to the IMG 2020 support for the Clear Channel Codec described as Clear Mode or Clear Channel Data in RFC 4040 RTP Payload Format for a 64 kbit/s Transparent Call. This Codec will be added to the list of Codecs supported and follow the same rules
  6. SIP Media Flow Attribute Support

    Overview The IMG 2020 supports the media flow direction attributes sendrecv, recvonly, sendonly, and inactive. These attributes, which are interpreted from … messaging will be used to support the call on hold/resume scenario which is explained in RFC 3264 (Section 6.1) and still be backwards compatible with the call
  7. Getting Support for your Sangoma Phones

    Support on Sangoma Phones can be handled in 3 ways. General Questions and Comments should be handled through our Forums at … of charge. Reporting a bug or to make a feature request is handled through our support center at https
    Phones03 Jun , 2018
  8. Support Maintenance Plans and Contracts

    Different Sangoma Products have different Support Service offerings. Here are all of the Support Service offerings.
    Support Services15 Aug , 2017
  9. Support Options

    Here you can find a outline of different support options for all Sangoma Products Navigation
    Support Services17 Sep , 2015
  10. How to Locate After Hours Support Contract PIN Code

    Versión en Español Disponible An afterhours support contract is required to receive support after our normal business hours. The support contract is a perPBX contract, so you can only request afterhours support for the PBX that has a 24/7 Support Contract and PIN Number. To locate your unique PIN code to access
    Sangoma Portal/Store10 Dec , 2019