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  1. IMG 1010 - SIP REFER Support

    SIP REFER Support The SIP REFER Method uses the ReferTo Header to pass contact information such as URI information which was provided in the initial request … on the fields within the SIP REFER Support object. Use this pane to enabled/disable SIP REFER feature. The SIP REFER Support object was created in software
  2. IMG 1010 - SIP UUI Support

    SIP UUI Support The IMG supports sending UUI (User to User Information) between a called and calling party. User to User Signaling provides a means … transparently through the network and does not have any effect on the call. The IMG supports UUI for multiple protocols. ISDN to ISDN ISDN to SS7 SS7 to SS7 SS7
  3. UUI Support

    The IMG 2020 supports sending UUI (User to User Information) between called and calling parties. The purpose of the User to User Information support is to pass … transparently through the network and does not have any effect on the call. The IMG 2020 supports UUI for multiple protocols. Below is a list of the supported
  4. IMG 1010 - SIP Multiple m-line Support

    Overview: Feature 1393 multiple mline supports RFC 3264 (Offer/Answer Model with SDP) and allows the IMG to select an acceptable media stream from a valid SIP … : The IMG by default will accept all offers with multiple valid mlines. IMG supports a minimum of 1 mline and a Maximum of 4 mlines. A 488 Not Acceptable Here
  5. IMG 1010 - Digit 0x0a to 0x0f Support

    Supporting Digits 0x0a through 0x0f (Translating and Routing) Up until and including software 10.5.0 the IMG supported accepting the digits 0x000x09, , and for processes such as routing, translations, Dialing Plan Events, and Radius. In software 10.5.1, feature F1212 Support for the digits 0x0a 0x0f was implemented
  6. Software NSG Support

    Operating System Support Tested and Supported NSG software has been tested on several 64bit Linux operating systems, including CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu. However, CentOS is the distribution that Sangoma currently recommends and supports. CentOS is the recommended Linux operating system for NSG, as it is the platform
    Netborder SS7 Gateway20 Aug , 2019
  7. SIP Profile - Refer Support

    The SIP Refer Support object pane can configure the following functionality: Enable or Disable the SIP REFER Call Transfer functionality and In an ISDN to SIP … to the TDM side. When the REFER Support field is Enabled, the IMG 2020 has the ability to act as either a Transferee or a Transfer Target when used in a SIP REFER Call
  8. SIP Profile - DTMF Support

    The SIP DTMF Support object will enable the IMG 2020 to accept specific DTMF sequences and using the Subscribe/Notify feature, send a Notify message to a far end gateway. Encapsulated within this notify message will be the Event: indicating the sequence entered. The supported DTMF digits are shown in the tables below
  9. IMG 1010 - SIP Media Flow Attribute Support

    Overview: The IMG supports the media flow direction attributes sendrecv, recvonly, sendonly, and inactive. These attributes, which are interpreted from … messaging will be used to support the call hold/resume scenario which is explained in RFC 3264 section 6.1 and still be backwards compatible with the call hold feature
  10. Digits 0x0A to 0x0F Support

    is on the incoming leg or outgoing leg. See Below. This feature is supported in all protocols. Incoming/Outgoing Leg Channel Group functionality Support for digits 0x0a 0x0f is configured on a channel group basis. If the user wants the digits 0x0a 0x0f support to be enabled endtoend, the user has to enabled it on both the incoming