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  1. Upgrade Your PBXact Version 10.13.66 or older

    backup before proceeding. Also, you'll need to be on a current Peace of Mind Plan support contract (POMP) to upgrade your PBXact system. See the How to Purchase Support Credits wiki for more information on how to purchase POMPs. The very First step is to determine your starting point (current version). This can be done one
    PBX Platforms07 Dec , 2017
  2. FreePBX Distro

    , please see the following wiki: Installing Purchased Commercial Modules Need Help? How to Purchase Support Credits How To Open A Support Ticket … and paid support for your system. We refer to each PBX as a "Deployment" in the portal. A deployment is a PBX instance that allows software and support
    PBX GUI24 Feb , 2016
  3. FreePBX

    Please see a list below or on the left menu of this page on different ways to get help on your FreePBX system. Free support is available via the forums at, or by IRC. If you need professional support you can purchase support contracts and credits
    Support Services14 Jun , 2017
  4. Troubleshooting

    If you require assistance from a Sangoma Support Engineer please open a support ticket at Verify that you have a valid Support Contract or Credits in order to open a ticket and receive priority support. Log into your portal account to verify
    PBX GUI28 Mar , 2019
  5. Como crear un Ticket de Soporte

    ingresado al portal en; haga clic en la opción Support > Support Tickets en el menú de navegación. Screen Shot
    Sangoma Portal/Store04 Apr , 2019
  6. How to Manage Stored Credit Cards

    Within the portal, you can add one or more credit cards that will be saved on file. The advantage to storing a credit card is at checkout you don't have to go through the headaches of entering all the credit card and billing information. If you are set up for any type of recurring services, such as our Monthly Hosted
    Sangoma Portal/Store07 Jun , 2017
  7. Viewing Credit Memos

    A credit memo gets created anytime a Refund, Return, RMA or Manual Credit on your account gets added. Follow these steps to view or print a PDF copy of any credit memos. Transaction History
    Sangoma Portal/Store04 Jan , 2019
  8. Adding Credit Cards

    Once you log in to your PBXact Cloud account, you should see a screen like this. AddingNumbers6.png From the options at the left, click on Credit Cards. CreditCards1.png You will then see all of your Credit Cards. CreditCards2.png To add a new Credit Card, press the Add new card button on the right side of the page
    PBX Platforms18 Sep , 2017
  9. Updating your Credit Card or adding a new one

    Adding or Updating your Credit Card Login to the SIPStation Store Click on the "Billing" option at the top of the page. b.PNG You can view all the credit cards you have on file with us
    SIPStation and FAXStation08 Mar , 2017
  10. Support Logger

    NOTE: This is only for Linux environments (Asterisk/FreeSWITCH installations) The Support Logger is a script that runs on your Linux environment that simply … Support Logger Simply run the 2 commands as seen in the image below (Make sure to run all commands as root user) These commands will download run the script
    Telephony Cards24 Feb , 2020