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  1. TLS for SBC Using Simple Authority.pdf

    The SBC and end points (most likely using the SBC for Upper Registration to an IPPBX/Softswitch behind). There are more than one way to establish SSL session between SBC and Endpoint. We will start from the simplest case where none of them will validate the CA (Certification Authority). Let’s then create a Server SSL
  2. Setting up Premium SIPStation with SBC

    in SIP Trunking solutions, allows the SBC to lock down to specific SIP Peers. TLS Version: Select "SSL Version 2 & 3" TLS Certificate: From the drop down, select … of the requirement to connect SIPSTation SIP Trunking with the SBC. This document does will describe SIPStation Premium Service, the Standard SIPStation Service is located
    SIPStation and FAXStation30 Oct , 2018
  3. SMTP - STARTTLS Support

    STARTTLS is a way to take an existing insecure connection and upgrade it to a secure connection using SSL/TLS. Note that despite having TLS in the name, STARTTLS doesn't mean you have to use TLS, you can use SSL. The SBC notification system is base on email sending. With the STARTTLS support the communication
    Session Border Controller13 Feb , 2018
  4. How to create SSL Certificates for your TLS support on Sangoma SBC

    registration thru Sangoma SBC. Transport Layer Security (TLS) must be used to secure the signalling in between the SBC and the remote end. Here are the requirements for TLS configuration: a. A suitable digital certificate must be deployed on the SBC b. SBC must have the SIP Trunking configured to provide basic security
    Session Border Controller13 Jul , 2017
  5. Premium SIPStation Vega 100G-200G-400G

    Cert for the Vega Gateway Using a Certificate Authority (Verisign, GoDaddy, and others) Similar to the process of the Sangoma SBC, found here … Authority. From there the Server Cert is then imported onto the Vega. Using Simple Authority Similar to the process of the Sangoma SBC, found here
    SIPStation and FAXStation31 Oct , 2018
  6. Premium SIPStation Vega 50-60-3000-3050

    SBC, found here; … SBC, found here;
    SIPStation and FAXStation31 Oct , 2018
  7. SBC & PBXACT working together.pdf

    SBC & PBXact Working Together © 2016 Sangoma Technologies 2 A great equation!!! = MOTIVATIONS 3© 2016 Sangoma Technologies What is happening in the VoIP/UC … infrastructure exposure …….. © 2016 Sangoma Technologies 4 Why PBXact Sangoma SBC? • Enhance and add all SBC capabilities to your UC/telephony deployment without
  8. SBC Downloads

    SBC Release Download Link Description ChangeLog Date 2.3.25123GA nsc2.3.25123GA.iso Complete NSC VM … (not recommended for new installations) SBC Release Download Link Description ChangeLog Date 2.2.1457GA nsc2.2.1457GA.iso
    Session Border Controller24 Sep , 2019
  9. Software SBC installation

    Instructions on how to get started with Sangoma VM SBC Download The Wiki download page contains the latest Sangoma SBC ISO. It is recommended that customers download the latest Sangoma SBC ISO. Only use the older
    Session Border Controller15 May , 2019
  10. Force install Zulu SSL Certificate on Mac

    this we include a SSL cert for Zulu to install on your local machine. By default when installing Zulu this Cert should be installed but for some customers with security settings the SSL cert fails to install. If this happens you will get a notice in Outlook Zulu Plugin saying the Plugin can not communicate with the Zulu
    Zulu UC05 Nov , 2016