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  1. Digium Gateway T1/E1 Port Configuration

    Introduction This guide explains the T1/E1 Port configuration for Digium VOIP gateways. Logging in Go to your gateway IP address Enter your username … to use for clock recovery and then prioritize the spans as to which should be used to recover the clock. (Priority 1 is the highest priority.) Port Specific
    FreePBX OpenSource Project03 Jul , 2014
  2. Configure PDK US_FXS_LS_IO for Cisco FXS Voice Port

    Description When configuring a Dialogic JCT series media board with a T1 interface to connect to a Cisco Voice Gateway via an FXS board, there are settings needed in the Cisco configuration to make sure the port operates properly. Configuration First, configure the FXS voice port for loopstart: R1configure terminal
    Dialogic Voice Cards30 Jan , 2018
  3. Supported AT commands for Diva Media boards Port driver

    Overview Diva System Release for Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7 includes a 'port driver' which enables many nonISDN applications such as terminal emulation programs and fax programs to connect to devices and services across the ISDN network. The port driver is a COM Port emulation working directly on top
    Dialogic Voice Cards15 Feb , 2018
  4. Routing inbound calls (ss7->sip) based on the E1/T1 port

    Syntax: <condition field="$ " expression="X" break="never"> <action application="bridge" data="sofia/internal/$ @<ip address>:<port>"/> <action application="hangup" data="$ "/> </condition> Detailed description: In the above dialplan replace ‘X’ with the E1/T1 port you want to target. Also replace <ip address>:<port
    Netborder SS7 Gateway23 Jun , 2017
  5. Configuring TTY ports

    The Diva System Release for Linux provides one TTY port for each channel available in your configuration. For example, if you have a Diva 4BRI card, as there are 8 B Channels available, you will be provided with tty ports ttyds1 to ttyds8 If you have a Diva Analog8P card, then as there are 8 lines available, you
    Dialogic Voice Cards16 Feb , 2018
  6. Caller ID on COM ports

    Some legacy applications use the virtual COM port of the Dialogic® Diva® Media Board to process incoming calls. This is because driving the COM port and using … the caller's number (caller ID) so that this can be stored or used for security purposes or for database lookup. The Diva Media Board virtual COM port supports
    Dialogic Voice Cards15 Feb , 2018
  7. Vega with FreePBX (PJSIP on port 5060)

    a. Click on the 'Registration Mode' and select 'Off' b. Insert your FreePBX IP address in 'SIP Server IP/Name' c. Enter the PJSIP port (5060) 4. Finish
    Vega Gateways17 Jan , 2019
  8. Using an SPA3102 FXO Port to connect with Valcom Paging units

    a SIP Trunk and Outbound Route in FreePBX, 2) Configure the SPA3102 and 3) Once connected for testing determine "LineInUse Voltage" of the FXO port and adjust … PEER Details: canreinvite=no context=frompstn host=IPofSPA3102 nat=no port=5061 user=pager secret=somepass type=friend qualify=yes dtmfmode=rfc2833 Create
    FreePBX OpenSource Project23 May , 2014
  9. Registering Vega with FreePBX (CHAN_SIP on port 5160)

    image2019115142555.png a. Click on the 'Registration Mode' and select 'Gateway' b. Insert your FreePBX IP address in 'SIP Server IP/Name' c. Enter the ChanSIP port (5160) d. Under … (The Authentication password used when configuring the Vega Gateway) <insert the rest of typical details, as seen in picture below> example: type=peer insecure=port
    Vega Gateways16 Jan , 2019
  10. Registering Vega with FreePBX (CHAN_SIP on port 5060)

    Gateway) > <insert the rest of typical details, as seen in picture below> example: type=peer qualify=yes insecure=port,invite username=vega secret=sangoma1 host … when configuring the Vega b. Configure the USER Details example: type=peer qualify=yes trustrpid=yes sendrpid=yes insecure=port,invite username=vega secret
    Vega Gateways15 Jan , 2019