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  1. IMG 1010 - Local Number Portability (LNP)

    Local Number Portability (LNP) Overview This feature allows the IMG to route ported numbers for SIP and SS7. Compliance The IMG complies with the following … Example A basic LNP scenario is shown below. Subscriber A=5084445555 is calling Subscriber B=5088623606 Subscriber B has been ported and the LEC servicing B
  2. How to Close your account

    or open a support ticket in order to cancel your account. If you are porting numbers out from SIPStation, please wait to cancel your account until after the port has been completed. Otherwise, you may permanently lose your numbers. Don't forget to cancel the related SIPStation services after port. Otherwise, you
    SIPStation and FAXStation07 Jan , 2019
  3. IMG 1010 - Feature - DNS Query using SRV Record

    by simply editing the DNS database. Other benefits would include flexibility on port numbers and priority. Configuration: Below are instructions on how … of 5 SRV record results per query. The port number received in the SRV record will be provided to sip server. The SRV record will override any port numbers
  4. DIDs and Phone Numbers

    to specialorder new numbers from countries outside the U.S. and Canada, and we cannot port them in. Can I Move DIDs Between Different SIPStation Accounts … world" i.e. to/from the public switched telephone network (PTSN). "Local" numbers are associated with a specific geographic area (rate center). We offer local
    SIPStation and FAXStation23 Aug , 2017
  5. System Admin - Provisioning Protocols

    Option 66 parameter to include a complete URL. Using the example below, assuming that the machine was listening on port 4443 for HTTPS Provisioning requests, the URL would be: provisioninghttps.png Port NUMBERS are configured in Port Management As the username
    PBX GUI29 Mar , 2018
  6. VLAN

    interfaces that repeats the information received on each port on all other ports Switch – An active device that keeps a table of physical (MAC) addresses and port numbers and forwards only traffic destined for each MAC address to the appropriate port MAC – Media Access Control address. The Ethernet address. From an OSI
    Phones16 Oct , 2016
  7. Local Number Portability (LNP)

    Allows the IMG 2020 to route ported numbers for SIP and SS7. Routing on LNP is supported on the ANSI protocol only. Mapping of LNP parameters is supported … Subscriber B (5088623606). Subscriber B has been ported and the Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) servicing Customer B is Local Exchange Carrier 2 (LEC2) and its
  8. 64-0609-01.pdf

    two separate analog lines. You can use any port; typically, you must specify the port number during software configuration. The port numbers are shown below … port; typically, you must specify the port number during software configuration. The port numbers are shown below. The diagram is oriented with the edge connector
  9. UCP Find Me/Follow Me

    . Example: If a phone rings for 1 second then waits 2, each ring is 3 seconds. Use Confirmation: Enable this if you're calling external numbers that need confirmation eg, a mobile phone may go to voicemail which will pick up the call. Enabling this requires the remote side push 1 on their phone before the call is put
    PBX GUI13 Mar , 2017
  10. Account Verification Requirements

    calling, tollfree service, and call concurrency bursting. In addition, we are unable to port numbers into an unverified account or fulfill special orders for new
    SIPStation and FAXStation03 Apr , 2019