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  1. Port your number out of Google Voice

    provider, you must first unlock the number. Google charges a onetime fee to port your number away from Google Voice. For users who ported their mobile numbers … supported SIP Trunking service. Porting a Google Voice number to SIPStation is easy as long as you follow the instructions below to unlock your number. Your Google
    SIPStation and FAXStation09 Dec , 2019
  2. Routing specific numbers to TTY ports

    level. Now the TTYs need to be configured to accept numbers 100 or 200 as called numbers. Edit the config.ttyds01 and config.ttyds02 files. In the init AT command
    Dialogic Voice Cards16 Feb , 2018
  3. How to Port to SIPStation

    to serving you. This wiki is for customers who would like to port phone numbers in to SIPStation from another service provider. If you are looking to port numbers out of SIPStation, please see our wiki "Porting Out from SIPStation." Number porting allows you to keep your phone numbers when switching service providers. You
    SIPStation and FAXStation17 Jun , 2020
  4. Number Porting

    to serving you. This wiki is for customers who would like to port phone numbers in to PBXact Cloud from another service provider. Number porting allows you to keep your phone numbers when switching service providers. Topics in This Wiki: How to Create a Number Port Request A "port request" is a request to move
    PBX Platforms31 Oct , 2017
  5. Porting Out from SIPStation

    is for customers wishing to port numbers out of SIPStation to a new provider. If you are looking for information on porting in to SIPStation, please see our main Number Porting wiki. We comply with FCC rules that mandate local and tollfree number portability. You can move your local numbers to a new provider who provides
    SIPStation and FAXStation26 Sep , 2017
  6. Toll Free Numbers

    Tollfree telephone numbers allow your callers to reach you without the caller incurring a longdistance charge for the call. Tollfree numbers begin with 800, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888. You can purchase new tollfree numbers in SIPStation or portin a tollfree number that you already own. If porting, please follow
    SIPStation and FAXStation15 Mar , 2016
  7. System Admin - Port Management

    Overview This page allows you to set port numbers for increased security. Logging in On the top menu click Admin In the drop down click System Admin In the right side navigation box click Port Management Settings image20183962921.png Port Default Port Function Admin 80 Web port controlling the system UCP 81 User
    PBX GUI08 Mar , 2018
  8. Ports used on your PBX

    . These are default port assignments for new installs, but most can be changed by the user post install. Legacy versions may have used different default port numbers (notably http provisioning) and the original port numbers remain unaffected when the system is upgraded. PBX Admin Access PORT TCP/UCP PURPOSE CHANGING PORT
    PBX Platforms07 Apr , 2020
  9. Zulu Mobile

    is not supported on FreePBX 13. Zulu Mobile does not work with FreePBX or PBXact selfsigned certificates. To use Zulu Mobile, please configure a valid … for certification path not found for more information on how to resolve. Zulu Mobile Features Soft phone Ability to make and receive calls using your extension
    Zulu UC19 Mar , 2020
  10. IMG 1010 - Local Number Portability (LNP)

    Overview This feature allows the IMG to route ported numbers for SIP and SS7. Compliance The IMG complies with the following: RFC3398 Section (INVITE … is shown below. Subscriber A=5084445555 is calling Subscriber B=5088623606 Subscriber B has been ported and the LEC servicing B is LEC2 and its LRN=3332233445